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My name is Joan Fox and I've been a life long lover of Hermit Crabs. I have been caring for Hermit crabs and have gained a huge amount of knowledge about them over the past 25 years. I  believe that a Hermit Crab is the most beautiful creature to have as a domestic pet.

Its my goal that everyone who wants to experience the magic of owning a Hermit crab, can do so, which is why I created the Hermit Crabs Home. In this web site I share my knowledge with you, free of charge. This web site contains a collection of the best information in the world about how to care for your pet hermit crab.

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  • Why your Hermit Crab is neither a Hermit or a Crab.
  • The importance of a understanding the basic anatomy of your hermit crab and therefore being able to care for  it better.
  • Tips for ensuring that your hermit crab is happy in his new home!
  • Help you  understand  why a temperature-controlled environment is crucial to the longevity and healthy of your crab!
  • Explain what molting is and why its crucial for your crab to grow, how its a good sign and indicates that your hermit crab is healthy!
  • All about Substrate - what it is and why it is so vital for your pet hermit crab!
  • Insights on what you can and should be feeding your pet and why commercial food from pet store are not the ideal diet. Also why calcium is so important
  • Solution to the problem of Mites, Parasites that cause most stress to your hermit crab.
  • Much, much more!

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